Graphic design for the web since 1998


"...both of my companies have enjoyed
Susan's design professionalism; wonderful
work that absolutely and clearly reflects
the intentions of the client..." - Florence P.

Wordpress, Social Media and SEO (search engine optimization)
Tutorials via Phone or On Site Meetings

Tutorial classes in WORDPRESS, SOCIAL MEDIA & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

Need help managing the pages, posts, SEO, imagery, plugins, widgets, and more with your Wordpress site. Schedule a session with me one-on-one so I can give you the guidance to move forward and manage your own site. Even if you know the basics, a few hours with me and I guarantee you will see greater visibility and the ROI will come.

Do you need help understanding SOCIAL MEDIA community websites such as Facebook Timeline graphics and app pages, Twitter, LinkedIn groups question and answer section, Merchant Circle, YouTube, Pinterest, Four Square and more? Need help listng your business on the web (Google, Yahoo, etc...)?

Are you interested in sending out email newsletters or blasts announcing specials or sales? Do you want to invest a little time and gain success by having more people find you, follow you and either visit your store or hire your services? Remember, in a slow economy you must widen your reach and not depend only on the foot traffic in your neighborhood.

They need to know why YOU and not someone else! What is your expertise, your "zone of genius?"

I'm offering one, two and three hour tutorial classes. I'm happy to consult with you over the phone or if you're in the Hoboken, Jersey City and New York City area, I'll bring my laptop and help you understand while we get your accounts started or updated. Select from the form below and we'll schedule your appointment.

Amount of Time

Do you just want to focus on your business and you want me to do all this for you? I understand, the web plays a vital role in bringing you new business, but you just don't have time to learn it all or do it all. I am ready to take on a few clients who just need that extra help for a few hours each week. Contact me to discuss what you need. Together we can achieve great things!