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the intentions of the client..." - Florence P.

Top Ten Ways To Be A Greener Designer

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My Top Ten List:

1- Inspire your clients to want to go green. Show them that designing and printing greener doesn't need to cost more if you're able to reduce the cost of something else.

2- Specify recycled or FSC certified paper.

3- Design & print efficiently, talk to your printer, find out the size of the printing sheet, and gang up files.

4- Specify soy and vegetable inks.

5- Do not use metallics which pollute the planet.

6- If printing a large quantity and distribution is scattered, instead spread out the printing to more local locations, which save on shipping, transportation (gas), and perhaps packaging.

7- Cut back the packaging to something simpler, so it's not wasteful.

8- Design something that can be reused over and over at least a few times.

9- Don't just design without thinking. Think about all the different components necessary to make the design successful and greener.

10- Learn as much as you can about green graphic design, the processes, and how to be the best for your client, yourself and the planet.